Keep on Dreaming

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WOW that was a lot of work! There’s nothing like putting the past 5 years of your career online 🙂 I hope you will enjoy my work and look forward to seeing you at my next exhibition.
Just a quick word on what’s coming…
After finishing the Open Studio exhibition in October I decided to start the new year with a little personal blog about my work process. Many of the visitors at the last exhibition had questions regarding the life of my paintings; how long they take, what materials, how do I decide the size and the colours, what do they mean to me and so on… I went out and bought a Canon timer remote control and decided to give you all a sneak peak at the life and times of certain pieces. This blog will also contain dates of my next exhibitions as well as some of my favorite shows or pieces I happen to see from fellow artists.
Now that the site is online I’m going back to the studio to start a new collection…. Stay near as I plan to keep you all posted on its development. Enjoy!

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