I believe being in the moment is the key to fully being alive. According to my mother, I speak my mind much too frequently, and my art helps me express how I journey through this world. Born in Quebec, Canada, I lived much of my adult life in Ottawa and Montreal and married my childhood sweetheart. Our family including two then-teenagers, moved to San Francisco in 1999. I am grandmother of four girls and a boy.

As a student, I couldn’t tolerate the classroom unless I was drawing or painting or, occasionally, writing a theatrical script. I started in my professional life as an autodidact, eventually even teaching others my watercolor methods. I largely abandoned that medium after feeling too constrained by the paper size. At the age of 36 I returned to college to complete by BFA, lecturing my children that school is beneficial at any age and that the only reason to stop following your dreams is if you’re dead. After graduating magna cum laude from Ottawa University, our family moved to California, where I was able to study at the San Francisco Art Institute. The population is denser in San Francisco than it was in Quebec, but the sun and water are my refuge and I paint in oil now to give my mind and body an outlet for stress, passion, love and sadness.

High hopes_36 in x 48 in_oil on canvas on panel_2017